....O Asclepius, what great wonder is man, a living being worthy of reverence and honor, which can almost be transferred to the nature of a god, as if he were a god himself!


He knows the genus of the daemons, knowing that he has a common origin with them. It despises in itself what it has of human to happen to surrender to its other divine part. Oh, what a privileged mixture was made man! Joined to the gods by the part that has connatural with them, their own earthly part despises in conscience; The other beings, to whom it is necessarily united by divine disposition, embraces them by the bond of love. Look up to Heaven. And so he is placed in the happy position of the mediator, so that he may bestow his love on the inferior to him, and be loved by the superiors to him. It cultivates the earth, is confused with the elements by the speed of the mind, descends to the depths of the sea by the penetration of its spirit. Everything achieves it. Heaven does not seem too high, as sagacity allows him to measure it as if he had it in his hand. No haze from the air obscures the attention of its spirit. The compact earth does not stop its work, nor the immense depth of the waters obstructs its look. It is, at the same time, all things, and it is, at the same time, everywhere.


Capitul VI - Book Corpus Hermeticum - Hermes Trismegisto