Bayram -  Foto/ Veerle Van Der Steen

" To be or not to be. I was "

Ervaring is de beste leraar / Experience is the best teacher




Altijd op zoek naar het antwoord op die vraag, wetend dat hij het niet zal vinden in dit leven ... en toch graaft hij verder en dieper.

Vandaag word ik wakker ....... verrast, attent,gecentreerd, liefhebbend, open, trots, hersteld, betoverd, teder, vastberaden, uitgerust, gepassioneerd, meelevend, bemoedigd, veilig, verjongd, gefascineerd, vriendelijk, zelfverzekerd vernieuwd, geïnteresseerd, zachtmoedig, geïntrigeerd, dankbaar, enthousiast, nieuwsgierig, hoopvol, dankbaar, geanimeerd, verdiept, ontroerd, gepassioneerd, waakzaam, optimistisch, verwachtingsvol, levendig, vredig, opgewekt, geanimeerd extatisch, verbaasd, gelijkmoedig, energiek, enthousiast, gelukzalig, aanhankelijk, kalm, bevoegd, kalm, zeker, ontspannen, opgewonden, vrolijk, uitbundig, rustig, verlangen, stil, vrij, verrast, geamuseerd, tevreden, versterkt, vredig, blij, vervuld, verbaasd, onder de indruk, opgetogen, uitbundig en geïnspireerd. Goedemorgen

Today I wake up.......surprised, stimulated, attentive, loving, open, proud, restored, enchanted, tender, determined, rested, passionate, compassionate, safe, secure, rejuvenated, fascinated, friendly, self-confident renewed, interested, meek, intrigued, grateful, enthusiastic, curious, hopeful, appreciative, animated, deepened, encouraged, touched, passionate, vigilant, optimistic, , expectant, lively, peaceful, upbeat, centered ecstatic, amazed, equanimous, energetic , enthusiastic, blissful, affectionate, calm, animated, empowered, calm, relaxed, excited, cheerful, exultant, serene, longing , silent, free, surprised, amused, satisfied, strengthened, peaceful, happy, fulfilled, amazed, impressed, elated, exuberant and inspired. Goodmorning



Men zal voor de dwaze ochtend van elke ochtend zorgen. Denken aan de veranderingen in ons levendproces, minachting voor elke verkeerde beslissing die een keer is genomen en vragen waarom en hoe er iets van te leren en te begrijpen.

One will take care of the silly morning of every morning. Thinking of the changes in our living process, contempt of any mistaken decision that was taken once and asking for why and how to learn and understand something from it.



Een seconde in de hel is als een eeuwigheid. Stel je 10 dagen voor.

A second in hell is like an eternity. Imagine 10 days.



Degenen die het nodig hebben, lezen stille boeken, zei Godfried Bomans, een Nederlandse schrijver (1913-1971). Als ik in nood ben, zoek ik de isolatie. Een afzondering waar men zichzelf vindt, waar men contempleert. En in die valleien, bergen, bossen, waarvan de schoonheid me verblindt, wordt men zich bewust van zijn wezen.

Those in need read quiet books, said Godfried Bomans, a Dutch writer (1913-1971). When I am in distress, I seek the isolation. A seclusion where one finds himself, where one contemplate. And in those valleys, mountains, forests, whose beauty blinds me, one becomes aware of his being.



Verplaats nieuwe grenzen, ontdek, verwonder, heroverweeg, onthoud, plan,

Move new boundaries, discover, wonder, reconsider, remember, plan,



Sometimes the moment determines if one does normally , but one thinks it's not that moment. So let's us be crazy



I'm the one that left the other 99



It is the collapse in our lives that make us realize the value of every second, every breath, every moment. Carpe diem



There on the top of that mountain, one can find silence, peace and understanding. Becoming one with Mother Nature, who's sound is heard by the tones of the wind. Behold its beauty one becomes emotionally by discovering its splendor. Humility, gratitude and admiration.



in the shadow of a big tree my life is written



One may think that you must be crazy to drive on dangerous roads on a deadly machine to visit a view. Believe it or not, but it was damn worth any risk to behold heaven on earth



you realize how small, humble and insignificant you are when you see the beauty of Nature



The past are Memories. The future Dreams and the present, ... yes that is Life



Always searching for the answer to that question,himself knowing that he will not find it in this lifetime...and yet he digs further and deeper.



We are looking for other planets. What's wrong with this one.



To be or not to be. I was



Why fear something when we have no idea what death is



It,s thanks to many fears i have know what was really the meaning of living



Once you look beyond the door, look back at your timeline, understand where your present stands ... well then you need not worry about the future. What is to come will come.



You do not look back, but forward to something more



None of us will be ever alone. His or Her own thoughts will always be a friend.



Be different, be good, be yourself



Kindness is my religion



Silence has no price



The wind in our face feels as the breath of god. Only a biker can understand this



Because only then you innermost will understand the meaning of his/her existence. As long as it contains goodness, Fight for it. Don't fear.



And if you do it with a reason do it then with a good reason



When you decide to relinquish what you literally hide from that other I, then only you will discover who and / or what you really are.



You never know where the darts land in 'Life". With experience you will "Learn" and whatever may 'Being'.



Who is the head of state of a country must not only fulfill the needs of his own voters but also those of all ethnic groups and peoples in his country.



And to think we do constantly. It all lies in "how to think". Good or bad!



Never stop searching for your dreams. You never know? Maybe it's around the corner!



The greatist virtue given to mankind is waking up...Curiosity!



This morning, upon awakening, I leave daydreaming from a dream that still hangs somewhere between the neurons of my brain, dazed from sleep, still looking at the reality around me, asked one silently by himself "Are We" as welle not a dream of it / the Mysterious? "



I dont have idea or knowledge who or what is God, but I'm aware that you dont have to search far to find the devil.



know yourself and you will know the reason of your existence.



Life! elements, a seed, a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fragrances, ... and a number of mandrels which are part of the whole.



Only when one has experienced hell, ...he will understand life.



Each of us is a world unto itself



Fu... evil, let us strive Goodness, Kindness, Compassion, Love, Friendship, Passion,.&'+



If I could ever forget .... remember who I am.



Gnosticism is the science of looking beyond the subject as a whole and not only looking to it. Gnosticism is that skill that allows you to look through the curtain that stops you to look further. It is Knowledge and Wisdom that puts you one step higher on the ladder. That is Gnosticism. Someone once said..., " Be wise with Understanding and Understand with Wisdom." Nothing else has more Truth in his Logos.



My life is like that bag of jelly beans I bought as a kid. Full of colors and flavors, and who knows what color the next jelly bean will have



It is these scars on my face that I should be grateful, because I would not know what life was without them.



A second in the hell is like an eternity



We think we know what this is all about, but we dont know a shit!.



A crowd lost in seclusion, who tries to find out who he / she is,.

A crowd full of colors and languages, full of scents and choices.

A crowd searching for answers, with endless questions.

A crowd who experiences, lives, resurrected, survived and lives.

A crowd which we are a part of all.A crowd where you are part of.



The dumbest or the wisest. Everyone, every human, on this planet, has one or more gifts. Find yours and you will better understand the meaning of your existence. What is your gift,



My piggy bank says "keep off", my head says "go for it" and my heart says "seize the day, dude



It's all about the six rings